What Would Happen to Earth if Mosquitoes Became Extinct?

The world is full of amazing things, wonders, and miracles happening around us every day. But the trouble is most of us don’t notice them most of the time.

Today, we at Bright Side have rounded up some adorable and even encouraging scientific facts from all over the globe. We hope they will inspire you to look at life in a whole new way.

1. White matter, which is responsible for communication between different areas of the brain, continues to increase until you are approximately 48 years old.

2. A human is the only representative of the animal world who is able to draw straight lines.

3. Every fifth couple in the world meets on the Internet.

4. The beginning of a dream is impossible to recall.

5. Blonde beards grow faster than dark beards.

6. When you listen to music you are able to drink more alcohol in a short period of time.

7. People are more likely to believe in words that were whispered.

8. On average, people spend 2 weeks of their lives waiting for a traffic light to change.

9. Bananas are the only fruit that even babies are not allergic to.

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