What Lets Us See Our Real Selves: Photos or the Mirror?

Undoubtedly, many of you will find this situation familiar: the person you see when you’re facing the mirror looks nothing like the person you see when you’re looking at your photos. It’s as if the camera filters the image in some radical way. Or should we blame the mirror?

Today, the staff of Bright Side tries to find the answer to these questions: Which is closer to our actual appearance — reflection or photograph? And why is it that we often perceive our mirror reflections and photos in different ways?

Psychological aspect

We tend to look in the mirror the most when we are at home — an environment where we feel at our freest and most relaxed. As for photographs, we usually end up in the frame while on “foreign turf,” which means that we naturally look more tense and unprepared.

What Lets Us See Our Real Selves: Photos or the Mirror?

That is why, sometimes, when glancing in the mirror before going off to a party we see an irresistibly good-looking individual. And then the next day, looking at ourselves in the party photos, we suddenly notice quite the opposite.


The simple fact is that our faces are not symmetrical. This is true for absolutely everyone — more so for some, less for others. And there lies the cause of all the confusion.

What Lets Us See Our Real Selves: Photos or the Mirror?

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