We’ve Found Women From Beauty Ads to See What They Look Like Without Makeup

When beauty brands choose models for their ads, they follow different principles. Some look for girls whose faces are like a blank canvas where anything can be painted on. Others prefer models with prominent facial features to convey the uniqueness of the product. But all ads have one thing in common: even if we think that a model barely has any makeup on her face, in reality, there are a few layers of makeup. And it’s really hard to figure out what their natural face actually looks like.

When we at Bright Side came across yet another beauty ad, we concluded that it’s impossible to evaluate the quality of the advertised products because we don’t know what the women in these ads really look like and how drastically their makeup transformed their natural beauty. That’s why we decided to analyze the models who became the faces of popular beauty brands to see what they really look like without foundation, concealer, highlighter, and other makeup products.

1. Bella Hadid — Dior

2. Sasha Luss — Dior

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