The Game of Thrones Cast Reveals What Life Is Really Like Behind the Scenes

It is almost impossible to imagine that Cersei and Tyrion are good friends in real life and have to avoideye contact in order to not laugh during filming, that the ever glorious Queen Daenerys Targaryen is hilariously silly, or that arrogant Joffrey is the sweetest soul. 2 completely different worlds exist on different sides of the camera, and it is nearly impossible to imagine that one of them is just a creation. However, the reality is way more fun than everything that is going on in the series, so we want to give a huge thanks to the cast who are sharing their memories with us.

Since the iconic series has started to come to an end, Bright Side has collected a list of hilarious photos that let us take a glance at what was happening on the other side of the camera.

1. Here’s the happy Bran we all know and love!

2. You now love them more, don’t you?

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