Ten modern Cinderellas who found their princes

Lots of people claim that there’s no such thing as fairy tales in real life. We at Bright Side believe that this is absolutely ridiculous, and wants to tell you fairy tale stories of modern Cinderellas.

Queen Letizia of Spain

Even in her childhood, the future Spanish Queen consort Letizia, a daughter of a journalist and a nurse, was interested in journalism, and even decided to link her life with this profession.

Ten modern Cinderellas who found their princes

Before she met Felipe, Letizia was married for a year and managed to make a successful career in journalism. Letizia met the Prince of Asturias in Galicia, where she filmed a report. A chance meeting, love at first sight, and feminine wiles: Letizia didn’t agree to go on a date with Felipe at first, so he had to be patient. As a result of his pushing, they got married in 2003. This was screened to about 1.5 billion viewers around the world.

Queen Máxima of the Netherlands

Queen Máxima is a monarch who is truly committed to the public good. She fulfils several different roles in various public organizations, including those relating to the integration of immigrants into Dutch culture and promoting social welfare and cohesion in the Netherlands.

Ten modern Cinderellas who found their princes

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