People Are Paying $105,000 To Dive Down To The Titanic And Eat From Its Menu

The site where Titanic lies is, after all, a grave – a memorial to the 1,503 people who lost their lives that fateful night. This included the richest man onboard the ship, John Jacob Astor. His lifeless body, complete with his pocket watch, was subsequently recovered, reminding everyone that wealth couldn’t save anyone onboard the ship – although there was a huge disparity between the survival rates of passengers from different classes, with the third class having the slimmest chance.

While numerous artifacts have been recovered from the rapidly decaying site, it is, generally speaking, regarded as disrespectful to disrupt it any more than necessary. Despite this, people now have the opportunity to see the ill-fated liner for themselves – all for the price which first-class passengers would have paid in 1912 for the crossing.

In 1912, a first-class parlor on board the Titanic cost around $4,350. Accounting for the rate of inflation, this is equivalent to $112,000 in 2019. So, they’re actually getting a discount of sorts.