Man Hospitalized With Severe Lung Infection After Sniffing His Own Smelly Socks

There’s a lot of human body parts that have the potential to pong. While most of us practice good enough personal hygiene to avoid having strangers recoil in horror when we pass them in public, there are some areas that inevitably smell from time to time.

Armpits are arguably the most common culprits. It doesn’t matter if you’ve showered and put on antiperspirant that morning, if it’s a warm enough day, you could end up sweating buckets and smelling like a gym without air conditioning.

Another common culprit, but one which is arguably less noticeable, are feet. To be honest, I actually have a phobia of them after I had to put a slipper on a gangrenous foot when I worked as a carer. The smell stuck to my hand for weeks.

But while unpleasant smells aren’t exactly fun to deal with, when we think of them and the sickness they inspire, we never actually imagine ending up in the emergency ward just because we’ve had an encounter with a tandoori pit or a cheesy foot.