Man Couldn’t Eat For Two Days After Finding “Anus” In $1.89 Tinned Curry

We humans are a picky bunch. For this reason, we waste so much food simply because it doesn’t look “appealing” – and this goes for parts of animals too. While, in an ideal world, the entire animal would be used for food (even if it was just pet food), it’s a pretty understandable side effect of the meat industry.

I mean, would you be down for chewing on an animal’s tail, eyeballs, or worse, their anus? I don’t think so

Us humans are also pretty picky about what animals we eat. That’s why there was so much uproar when horse meat was found being sold as beef in UK supermarket products a few years ago. We will happily eat Daisy the cow, but God forbid we accidentally eat an ounce of Seabiscuit – even though we aren’t willing to shell out for well-raised and good quality meat.

Case in point, this dude who paid a measly $1.89 (£1.50) for a can of beef curry only to find that it contained an “anus”.

Now, while we can all agree that no one wants to accidentally eat a butthole (or maybe you do, no judgments here), logic does dictate that raising, feeding, and slaughtering an animal as big as a cow means that mistakes will slip through the net, or, in this instance, meat grinder.

Whether that mistake is horse meat instead of cow, or a cheeky little bit of butthole…