I Did an Experiment and Stayed in Budapest for 5 days With Only €100 (Spoiler: I Did Everything I Planned)


In the evening, we visited a local supermarket and bought several chocolate bars, croissants, and drinking water. The prices in the supermarket didn’t differ much from the prices in my hometown.

Money spent during the day:

24-hour Budapest travelcard — 1,650 forints / €5.20
Goulash — 1,100 forints / €3.50
KitKat bar — 179 forints / €0.50
Water — 125 forints / 0.40
Day 2: Even the pedometer got tired.
In the morning, we had some sweets left over from yesterday. We also brought instant oatmeal with us — so we had breakfast in the apartment. After that, we had a plan to visit one of the most famous tourist places in Budapest — Fisherman’s Bastion. We figured out our route with the help of Google Maps and it showed that we needed to take 2 buses to get there. The whole trip took 30 minutes.

I Did an Experiment and Stayed in Budapest for 5 days With Only €100 (Spoiler: I Did Everything I Planned)

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