I Did an Experiment and Stayed in Budapest for 5 days With Only €100 (Spoiler: I Did Everything I Planned)


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Entry to the Széchenyi Thermal Baths costs 5,200 forints per person (about €16). Towels and gowns are not included in the price. There are closed cabins inside where you can change your clothes and personal lockers, for keeping valuables, that are opened with the help of a magnetic bracelet.

There are lap pools and ordinary swimming pools outside. Wearing a swim cap in the lap pools is obligatory. People swim in them even in late autumn and winter. The water is very warm, but running from the swimming pool back to the deck chair is pretty cold.

I Did an Experiment and Stayed in Budapest for 5 days With Only €100 (Spoiler: I Did Everything I Planned)

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