I Did an Experiment and Stayed in Budapest for 5 days With Only €100 (Spoiler: I Did Everything I Planned)


Across the street from For Sale Pub there is the Great Market Hall — one of the biggest markets in Budapest with street food, souvenirs, and local products. We stopped by there before visiting the pub, but decided to come back after dinner. Spoiler: we couldn’t do that because the market is only open until 6 p.m., and on some days it might close even earlier. Anyway, For Sale Pub met all of our expectations!

My husband and I ordered one portion for both of us and paid 4,390 forints (€14). It wasn’t the cheapest option but the menu said that one portion includes potatoes, salad, and 3 types of meat. The waiter asked politely whether we were making an order for 2 and nodded having gotten a positive answer. We were brought an enormous amount of food. Everything that you see in the picture below in our hands, including half the cabbage with the other vegetables is one portion split onto 2 plates.

I Did an Experiment and Stayed in Budapest for 5 days With Only €100 (Spoiler: I Did Everything I Planned)

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