I Did an Experiment and Stayed in Budapest for 5 days With Only €100 (Spoiler: I Did Everything I Planned)


We had an Italian waitress and a Chinese waiter. Sometimes they didn’t understand our English and we communicated via Google Translator. My husband and I ordered one portion of soya sauce chicken with rice for both of us. That was a good decision because we hardly managed to finish what was on our plates. All the portions in Hungary are so huge. Make sure to start with one portion for 2 people when you visit this country.

Before going home, we visited Sugar! — one of the most famous pastry shops in Budapest. It sells a lot of packaged sweets and lollipops by weight, as well as macaroons and cakes.

I Did an Experiment and Stayed in Budapest for 5 days With Only €100 (Spoiler: I Did Everything I Planned)

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