I Did an Experiment and Stayed in Budapest for 5 days With Only €100 (Spoiler: I Did Everything I Planned)


Hi! My name is Katya. This past fall I managed to get cheap plane tickets to Budapest. After I bought them, I wondered whether I’d be able to have a budget vacation and spend only €100.

Budapest is a good city for an experiment like this because the cost of doing things there is not that high, so I decided to take the risk. And now it’s time to tell Bright Side readers about the results.

Day 1: Just get us out of the airport!
Having studied tons of articles about Budapest before the trip, I was well aware of how to buy a ticket for any kind of transportation, including shuttle buses that would take us from the airport to the metro station that we needed. This video was the most helpful. We decided not to carry any cash with us and just pay by card everywhere. However, the ticket kiosk had other plans — it somehow locked itself and we couldn’t pay for our tickets for 20 minutes. We even tried to get some help from one of the airport’s employees, but we had to use gestures to speak to him, because he didn’t speak English. Here is a life hack: the card your using should be inserted and pulled out quickly. If you keep it inside for a longer period, the payments will automatically be canceled.

I Did an Experiment and Stayed in Budapest for 5 days With Only €100 (Spoiler: I Did Everything I Planned)

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