Furious Mother Posts Damning Evidence That These Makeup Wipes Destroyed Her Daughter’s Skin

It goes without saying that Jaimie’s daughter’s reaction looks incredibly painful, and certainly not something anybody should expect from a cleansing wipe.

Many customers have begun wondering if Neutrogena has made any changes to their ingredients and perhaps added some new ingredients.

On Neutrogena’s official site, user reviews for the product clearly show how many other people have experienced a similar reaction:

One anonymous user wrote:

“I feel sooo dissapointed. I have been using this product for years and used to be my favorite. I just bought a pack last week and started to use it yesterday and i have a horrible rash and its super ichy. I tried to contact costumer service to see how can they help and they did not help at all. This is so sad”

“I have been using these for years because I could find nothing that worked as well or left my skin feeling soft. Over the past month, my eyelids have been burning and peeling after use,” another customer wrote.

“I saw there any reason why these are still on the market? Did you change the formula? I am really concerned with all the reactions I’m seeing here. I thought it was just me but apparently, I’m not alone.”