Falsehoods About Aging Breasts and How to Take Care of Yourself Early On

Female breast ptosis is a term used for natural female breasts that sag. There are many factors that affect the start of this inevitable process such as smoking, genetics, rapid weight loss, and age. Girls should remember that breasts can start to sag at an early age but there are preventative measures that help postpone the aging process, keeping breasts healthy and in good shape. In this article, you will learn about the most widespread myths about breasts that aren’t true at all. You’ll also learn practical suggestions to help prevent sagging and other breast issues.

Bright Side invites its readers to study popular myths and recommendations about sagging breasts that don’t really work. At the end of the article, there is a bonus tidbit about a very simple but effective method to calm down irritated breasts.

Myth #1: The main reason for sagging is breastfeeding.

Many women mistakenly take this fact as truth. Breastfeeding doesn’t affect the appearance of female breast ptosis — it’s the number of pregnancies that actually cause a woman’s body as well as her breasts to sag. There can be other reasons for sagging like something as simple as gravity. Some girls encounter sagging as early as 20 years old.

Myth #2: Push-ups and other exercises will tighten the breasts.

Fitness gurus suggest a number of special exercises to strengthen breast muscles but they won’t keep breasts from sagging — or tighten them for that matter.

Falsehoods About Aging Breasts and How to Take Care of Yourself Early On

Female breasts mainly consist of fat and mammary glands and no exercises can change their shape. The skin becomes less elastic with ageand mammary glands themselves become smaller. That’s why breasts start looking “emptied”. Exercises help strengthen the muscles behind the breasts, located in the chest.

Myth #3: Small breasts don’t sag.

Breast sagging is an inevitable age-related change and their size has nothing to do with it.

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