Asian Kids Are Among the Healthiest in the World, and Here’s Why

With studies claiming that Japanese children are some of the healthiest children in the world, we should all take a look at how their children get so healthy and incorporate these ideas into our own habits. In fact, many cultural norms developed in other Asian countries have turned out to be extremely helpful in keeping children healthy, often in ways you wouldn’t have thought of.

Bright Side is going to unveil some of these secrets so that everyone can give their children a healthier and happier life. Don’t forget to check out our bonus that proves that keeping kids safe can be a lot more fun than you’d imagine.

1. Preventing kids from reading too closely

In many Chinese schools, bars are installed at schools that are actually designed to help kids’ eyes stay healthy. Staring to close at their books while reading can eventually hurt their eyes, so the bars keep the kids at a healthy distance. In addition, the bars might also help kids develop good posture.

2. Conducting eye exercises

Asian Kids Are Among the Healthiest in the World, and Here’s Why

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