A Story of Twins Who Went Through Dr. Mengele’s Experiments in Auschwitz and Stayed Alive

Eva Mozes Kor is a woman with an extremely difficult destiny who went through all the terrors of the Auschwitz concentration camp but found the strength to live on. She is 85 now and is active on Facebook and Twitter, she travels around the world, acts in documentary movies, writes books, and even established a museum dedicated to the history of Nazi experiments.

Bright Side was struck by Eva’s destiny and is going to share the most impressive moments of the story of a girl whose will to live turned out to be stronger than she ever imagined.


Eva Mozes was born in Romania to a Jewish family. She had 2 older sisters, Edit and Aliz, and a twin-sister, Miriam.

Eva (to the left ) and her twin sister Miriam, 1935

In May 1944, the whole family was sent to Auschwitz. They traveled for 4 days on an overcrowded train that was previously used for transporting cattle. When Eva’s family arrived at the concentration camp, the warden asked her mother whether her daughters were twins. After receiving a positive reply, the girls were pulled out of their mother’s arms and taken to a separate shelter. Eva and Miriam never learned the further destiny of their parents and sisters. The last time the twins saw their parents and sisters was at the “farewell platform” in Auschwitz.

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