A Spanish School Teaches Household Chores to Boys, and It’s a Brilliant Initiative Against Gender Inequality

Ironing, sewing, and cooking are basic tasks that most people learn at home. But it’s totally different when a school offers it as an additional class, so that the students, particularly boys, build values in regards to gender equality and break the stigmas they face when doing these activities. That’s what the Montecastelo School of Spain teaches its students under the slogan, “Equality is learned with actions.”

We at Bright Side have been interested in every detail of this initiative, and decided to share it to motivate other institutions and children to practice it.

Housework regardless of gender

In 2018, the school, located in the city of Vigo, announced that it would include lessons in home economics among other subjects.

During these lessons its male students would be taught to do tasks like ironing, sewing, cooking, and other manual activities like carpentry, masonry, and plumbing and electrician skills.

Teachers and parents collaborate and guide the students.

All classes are taught voluntarily by teachers and

representatives of the school campus and also some of the fathers of these same students.