A Mom Shows the Other Side of Having Kids in 20 Painfully Honest Illustrations

Mayi is an illustrator that was born in Mexico City. A few years ago she became a mom for the first time and since finding out she was pregnant, her life made a 180° turn. She began to experience the usual pregnancy symptoms and body changes. Later on, she faced everything related to baby care: vomit, dirty diapers, sleepless nights, unsolicited advice, fevers, and more. But she also experienced those magical maternity moments, like when her baby would sleep for hours at a time. 4 years ago, she decided to write a blog called Moderbloguer in which she shared her illustrations. Afterward, she published a book, There’s No Mom Like Your Own by Selector Publishers, in which she takes readers through her fascinating parenting journey.

Bright Side has made a compilation of some of Mayi’s illustrations that mommies everywhere will be able to identify with.

1. You never believed in smelling someone else’s butt for pleasure until you became a mom.

2. “5 more minutes…just 5 more minutes!”

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