A Father Lost 92 Lb in Just 5 Months and Made Some Serious Changes in His Family Life

There were some other reasons that pushed this dad to change his life. For example, he hated seeing himself in photos because he was too uncomfortable with his look. And he was not alone. He understood that his family was also embarrassed by how fat he was.

There was a moment when he was hurrying to help his wife and kids change a flat tire near the school they studied at. He forgot to put his shirt on and saw the mortified looks from his family. He knew that they didn’t want all the other parents and children to see his big fat belly. No doubt, this was probably difficult to swallow.

In 2017, he reached his heaviest weight of 292 pounds. But he wanted to end this suffering, and that’s why the life-changing decision was made. Jeremiah started to follow a diet, refused to drink alcohol, hiked, and went to the gym every day. And the results were surely worth it.

He managed to lose 92 pounds in 150 days. But what is more important is that this challenge helped him change not only his clothing size, but his whole life. He admits that he never realized how lazy he was. “I had been a slacker with my family and at my own business, and this change has rocked my world.”



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DUES PAID!!! . I get a lot of feedback about my fitness journey “you must spend all day in the gym” or “it must be nice to have that kind of time” or “what about work and family”. . The truth is I run 2 businesses that I work at 7 days a week, I have 3 kids who all participate in multiple sports and programs and I still have a social life. . It’s just my wife and I who run the businesses, no employees, our house is clean and no we don’t have a maid and our cars are running because I fix them. . Beyond work and the gym I read books, I watch tv, I love cooking and my family and I go to church every Sunday and spend the rest of the day together. . Trust me I understand busy. . The difference is I don’t look at it as busy, I see it as being productive. . I want to be productive. . Believe me- If I can find the time and persistence to make these goals happen, so can you! . ——————————————— #working #worklife #ketolean #businessman #neversettle #businessowners #family #familylife #busylife #100to0 #productive #wintheday #missoula #magazinecover #fitnessmagazine

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