9 Popular Beauty Products That Are Actually Useless

Do you use a day cream, face scrub, or toner on a daily basis? If so, are you sure that your skin really needs all these products? Turns out, we waste millions of dollars every year on useless beauty items that can’t actually minimize our pores, plump our cheeks, or fix those little wrinkles around our eyes. Unfortunately, we don’t even think of this and continue wasting our money as our eyes are attracted to cute packaging and colorful ads on TV.

Bright Side found out what beauty products you really don’t need because they are either totally unnecessary or could easily be replaced by something else.

9. Face masks

Face masks are a classic example of a “feel good” beauty product that is absolutely unnecessary. In fact, if you feel the need to use a face mask weekly, there’s probably something wrong with your daily routine.

9 Popular Beauty Products That Are Actually Useless

What to use instead: If your skin feels great after a yogurt or enzyme mask, it’s probably because of the acids that remove dead cells and make it easier for moisture to penetrate into your skin. In this case, try to change your face cream. If your oily skin feels much better after using a clay mask, try to include a salicylic acid product in your skin care routine.

8. Makeup remover

Today, there are tons of innovative cleansers that can both remove your makeup and clean your skin at the same time. That’s why makeup removers as a separate beauty product have become pretty obsolete and unnecessary.

9 Popular Beauty Products That Are Actually Useless

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