9 Lousy Habits All Confident People Quit

Self-deprecation is either an unconscious way to get a lot of compliments or a weak attempt to excuse a future failure you’re sure you will have.

What to do: Remember, it’s our weaknesses that make us unique. Accept them, and so will the rest. Otherwise, people will eventually come to think you’re really as bad as you say you are.

6. Seeing obstacles instead of opportunities

All the hurdles you’ll have to overcome to reach your goals are a lame excuse for doing nothing at all and then scolding yourself for that.

What to do: There are no misfortunes, only valuable experience. A failure is a reason to change your approach, not reject your goal altogether.

5. Thinking no one will do it better than you

The inability to delegate any work to another for fear of a lousy job is, psychologists say, also a result of insecurity and a tendency to control everything.

What to do: Delegating a job to others is a sign of confidence, and it doesn’t necessarily concern work per se. Being able to send your husband for groceries without totally controlling him is in this category as well. Relieve yourself of responsibility for all and everything.

4. Being anxious about your future

Imagining the worst possible scenario in any situation is a good way to lose a great deal of energy and self-esteem.

What to do: Think positively, and remember that not everything in reality goes the way it does in your imagination. You’ve seen that happen.

3. Seeking the approval of other people

9 Lousy Habits All Confident People Quit


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