9 Lousy Habits All Confident People Quit

There are bad habits fought over by psychologists all over the world, like talking badly about yourself or gnawing on your misfortunes before bed. They make us feel insecure and unhappy.

Bright Side gathered those mistakes undermining our confidence.

9. Being anxious about your imperfections

Perfectionism is a result of low self-esteem and anxiety because of which you can’t feel proud of even the best accomplishments.

What to do: When your internal critic starts blaming you, try to analyze whose expectations those really are and why you should live up to them. Start a diary of self-acceptance, write 3 entries with your accomplishments every day, and read them from time to time.

8. Comparing yourself to others

We tend to compare our worst traits with the best we see in others, forgetting that everyone is unique in their own way.

What to do: Compare your today’s self only to your past self, and learn from the rest instead of making parallels. Get inspired, not frustrated.

7. Denigrating yourself in conversation

9 Lousy Habits All Confident People Quit


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