9 Inventions That Are Saving Oceans From Death

5.25 trillion pieces of plastic are floating in the ocean, so it’s no wonder why some people have started to lose faith in seeing clean water again. But many are working hard to reverse the damage humans have done to the seas and to marine animals. Bright inventors have developed machines, techniques, and technologies that are sure to give back hope to the most hopeless and we want to share this good news.

Bright Side will show you how change is real and how with research and effort we can reclaim our oceans.

1. ECOncrete that has repopulated coral reefs

Concrete is the second most consumed product, after water, but it’s not exactly good for the environment. Concrete that is continuously in contact with marine life tends to harm it because of its chemical components. But the company ECOncrete offers a good solution to the problem.

9 Inventions That Are Saving Oceans From Death

They’ve created some products that are manufactured only partially with concrete that have a different and eco-friendly composition and design. When placed inside oceans, these concrete blocks allow small fish and coral to live inside their small holes, helping to repopulate the ecosystem.

2. Edible 6-pack rings for marine mammals

Saltwater Brewery is a company from Florida owned by ocean lovers who don’t want any of their products to end up contaminating the sea or harming marine animals.

9 Inventions That Are Saving Oceans From Death

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