8 Signs It’s Not Your Body That’s Exhausted — It’s Your Soul

If you direct all your anger and offense on the people who surround you, your relationships can become tense. When you pretend to feel well, nobody knows the real state of things. This can all make you feel lonely and left alone with your problem. You start to think that nobody understands you, nobody accepts you, and that no one can help. So you try to handle everything alone, struggling with your condition day after day.

7. A desire to hide from others

If you have a desire to hide from people that surround you, this is a telltale sign of a tired soul. You may want to sit in the corner, to shield yourself from others, or even become inconspicuous. But since you can’t lock yourself in your home and stop interacting with people, you become oppressed by unwanted communication. You still need to keep up your day-to-day conversations and stay close to other people, even if you want to be left alone.

8. Negative thinking

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