8 Signs It’s Not Your Body That’s Exhausted — It’s Your Soul

Dissatisfaction, fatigue, and indifference can affect your emotions. How often do you become angry, take offense at something small, or start crying or laughing unexpectedly and for no reason? If mood changes like this happen regularly, this may be a sign of an exhausted soul. Life becomes harder with these emotional swings. And it forces you to look for conflict more than trying to achieve peace and understanding with others.

5. Pretending to feel well

Don’t think that hiding your pain and pretending to be ok is a good way to solve the problem. If you do this, you lie to yourself and others about your real feelings, while everything inside you is breaking down. You try your best to smile and spend extra energy trying to create the illusion of joy when your soul is crying. But it’s tired and has no strength to pretend that everything is fine.

6. Feeling lonely

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