8 Body Features Plastic Surgeons Are Afraid to Take the Risk to Fix

In 2019, it is become pretty hard to impress us with plastic surgeries. It seems that beauty procedures can make us look much better and if we want to change something big about our appearance, it’s totally within the realm of possibility. But in fact, many of us have some genetic features that no surgeon would dare change. And if you still believe that there are shampoos that can make your hair thicker, this article is definitely for you.

Bright Side learned about the limitations of modern plastic surgery.

1. Waist

The waist and its width are determined by the width of the ribs and pelvic bones, and also the distance between them, the body’s shape, and the epigastric angle. So, if a woman’s shape is originally more rectangular, exhausting workouts and strict diets can’t help her to get the waist she wants.

Some people want to have the “hourglass” body shape, so they are ready to have a very difficult surgery that involves removing ribs. But such surgeries can lead to complications like floating kidneys, bronchitis, and pyelonephritis. So, the best thing to do is to learn to love yourself and be able to find clothing that highlights the best parts of your body.

2. Skin

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