7 Ways Activated Charcoal Can Work Wonders on Your Body

Many of us know that activated charcoal as a good first-aid remedy for treating poisoning and upset stomach, but it turns out that this unique product has much more to offer. Just imagine: activated charcoal can absorb thousands of times its own mass, which helps it to attract loads of poisonous particles. Thanks to these strong absorbing properties, activated charcoal can help you deal with many health issues from dental plaque and blackheads to skin rashes and insect bites.

Here at Bright Side we’ve had a closer look at the benefits of activated charcoal, and here’s why you should always have some in your pantry.

1. It can whiten your teeth.

Activated charcoal has a negative electrical charge, which helps it to attract toxins and free radicals that have a positive charge. It also attracts and binds little plaque particles that stain our teeth, and this is what explains its teeth-whitening effect. Activated charcoal is now added to numerous tooth pastes and powders, but you can make a DIY cost-effective teeth cleaning product yourself.

7 Ways Activated Charcoal Can Work Wonders on Your Body

All you need is some activated charcoal powder which you can extract from capsules, or just smash a couple of pills. Take some powder and a wet toothbrush, brush your teeth as you usually do and let it sit for a couple of minutes. Rinse your mouth with a large amount of water. Be careful: if you have caps, crowns, or porcelain veneers, activated charcoal can stain them. Dentists also warn us that a DIY paste is too abrasive, so it’s better to not use it very often.

2. It can help you get rid of acne and blackheads.

Activated charcoal binds with the bacteria, dirt, and toxins that we all carry on our skin and that cause blackheads and acne. There’s a number of skincare products that contain activated charcoal that you can use, or you could also try a DIY facial mask.


Mix ½ teaspoon of activated charcoal with 2 teaspoons of water. Apply the solution onto your face with a makeup brush. Let it dry until it gets completely matte and then rinse it off with water. Another facial mask recipe suggests mixing powder from one capsule of activated charcoal with 2 teaspoons of aloe vera gel.