7 Japanese Exercises That Are Perfect for the Female Body

Did you know that Japanese women have been holding the world record for longevity for more than 25 years? They do not get old and amaze the world with their ideal physical shape. It is no wonder since exercising (supported by healthy eating) is one of the great secrets of perfection in Japanese culture.

Bright Side wants to introduce you to some exercises developed by Katsuzō Nishi that help women fill their body with energy and get in shape.

Katsuzō was a Japanese boy that was in very poor health. When he turned 20 he was diagnosed with a deadly disease. But he did not give up, he instead developed his own original system of health building, and lived to the age of 75. Don’t forget to check the bonus section for more useful information!

1. Reed in the wind

This exercise helps to increase blood flow to the legs and prevents tired, aching legs.

  • Lie on your stomach. The surface must be hard.
  • Bend your knees. Relax and imagine that your legs are reeds swayed by the wind.
  • Wave your relaxed legs trying to reach your buttock with your heels. You may not be able to do this for some time, so keep trying. Perform this exercise every day and you will see results.

2. A leaf

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