6 Psychological Habits That Make a Person Poor and Lonely

It is very important to have good relationships with people because social connections are a big part of our lives. However, the time spent on building a relationship doesn’t always bring positive results. If you notice that you spend more time being busy with someone else’s business than your own, then it’s a good time to stop and think.

Bright Side looked into the issue and found cases where it’s better to revise your priorities.

1. You can’t say no.

6 Psychological Habits That Make a Person Poor and Lonely

What’s going on: There are more of someone else’s tasks on your to-do list than your own. Helping, consulting, buying, looking after, lending — every little thing wastes your precious time. If you’re asked what all these people have ever done for you, you’ll probably grow old thinking of an answer.

What to do: Make your own tasks your number one priority. If someone tries to prove that you’re a selfish and ungrateful person, it’s more likely a manipulation of your emotions. Before blindly extending a helping hand to someone, ask yourself if this person, in fact, profits from being saved all the time.

2. You’re looking for approval.

6 Psychological Habits That Make a Person Poor and Lonely


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