6 Odd Royal Family Rules That Left Us Puzzled

The whole world is interested in Elizabeth II and her family’s life. They create fashion trends and establish good manners. It seems that mass media notices their every step. But some aspects are still unclear to us ordinary people.

newsroom wants to answer some popular questions about The British Royal Family that we all have probably wondered about.

6. Why don’t Kate and William hold hands?

6 Odd Royal Family Rules That Left Us Puzzled

There’s no official rule that prohibits holding hands. Nevertheless, the British Royal Family follows strict etiquette that doesn’t allow royal representatives to express their feelings. So Kate and William don’t hold hands, kiss, or cuddle in public. They’re the next heirs to the throne and have to behave appropriately as not to disgrace the Queen.

As for Meghan and Harry, they often hold hands and cuddle. They don’t have to follow the royal rules as they’re 6th in the line of succession to the British throne so their behavior isn’t that crucial.

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