5 Mysteries of Ancient Egypt We Never Knew About

Chemist Joseph Davidovits states the blocks were made right on top of one another, and this would explain their weight and the lack of gaps between them. However, geologists and paleontologists argue that the blocks are processed sedimentary rocks, thus refuting Davidovits’s theory. There’s still no single hypothesis.

5. The curse of Tutankhamun’s tomb

Studying the tomb in 1922, Howard Carter and his expedition found a plaque with text about a dire punishment that would follow opening the sealed tomb. Carter didn’t believe it himself, but by 1930, there were reports of 22 deaths among those who’d been present when the tomb was opened, as well as their family members.

There’s still no confirmed explanation of the “curse,” the only theory being that of poison on the walls of the tomb and the sarcophagus.

Preview photo credit National Geographic


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