5 Mysteries of Ancient Egypt We Never Knew About

For some of us, the pyramids of Egypt are already no more than a tourist attraction. However, with scientific progress comes new and fascinating discoveries which pose even more questions.

We at Bright Side suggest taking a look at these newfound mysteries.

1. Hidden rooms in the Great Pyramid of Giza

5 Mysteries of Ancient Egypt We Never Knew About

In 1993, the crawler robot Upuaut 2 discovered a small door in the southern shaft of the pyramid, behind which an empty space and another door was later found.

In 2010, the modernized robot Djedi took photos from beyond the first door that showed copper handles and red ocher paintings.

Moreover, despite no one getting into the shaft for 9 years, fresh scratches had appeared on its walls and ceiling.

2. What’s the real age of the Great Pyramid?

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