30+ Striking Photos That Show How Gorgeous Our Grandparents Were

In Ray Bradbury`s Dandelion Wine a little girl asked a 72-year-old lady, “You weren`t ever young, were you?” Most of us can probably understand why she asked that question. Ever since we were children we remember our grandparents looking old, so sometimes we forget that they used to be young and full of energy just like us and were preoccupied with problems similar to ours.

Bright Side would like to pay tribute to all the wonderful grandmas and grandpas out there and share some photos that might inspire you to talk to your grandparents about their youth and become closer to them.

1. “My grandparents in 1948. He fought in WWII, did flying trapeze, and later became a clown. She was an aerialist and showgirl and later became a realtor and landlord.”

2. “My great-grandfather during WWI, looking like he just dropped the hottest album of 1918.”

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