30 of the Most Influential Women in History

Women throughout history have had an immense influence and carved a path toward the world as we know it today. Take Hedy Lamarr, who acted in Samson and Delilah for an example. She was also an inventor who was responsible for the technology that became the precursor to the Bluetooth, GPS, and Wi-fi that we all use today. A BBC History Magazine poll featured 100 inspirational women from history just like Hedy Lamarr and the results are astounding.

Bright Side thinks that we ought to remember these empowering women and the mark they have left on the world for our benefit. Here are the women who made it to the top 30 of the list and our hearts.

30. Wangari Maathai, an environmental activist and the first African to win a Nobel Peace Prize (1940-2011)

29. Catherine of Siena, the first woman of 4 to be declared a “doctor of the Church,” with a strong influence on the history of the papacy (1347-1380)

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