28 Inventions Japan Can Boast About

What comes to mind when you think about Japan? It’s a country of contrasts, where untouched nature neighbors advanced technologies. Back in 1995, you could find the now very popular monopod in the book Useless Japanese Inventions. To people who have never lived there and have not grasped Asia and its ways, every invention from Japan can seem extraordinary. Yet it is a fact that the Japanese know how to invent things that will be popular, even if it happens later for the rest of the world.

We at Bright Side have selected unusual inventions from this amazing country for you to see.

There are no trash bins because the locals do not like the smell of tobacco. If you start smoking in a public place, a polite policeman will offer you a garbage bag.

They have space chocolates. Eating them would be such a pity.

Elevators in Osaka have a “rain” button that will light up if it’s raining outside.

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