26 Astonishing Animal Facts That Made Us Say, “Wow”

We know almost everything about cats and dogs and can even read their mood by the way they move their tails. But what about other animals? It turns out that they’re just as amazing as our pets! Did you know lemurs can drink alcohol and stay sober, bumblebees can play football, and mosquitoes remember when someone has a bad attitude toward them. These are just a few cool traits from different animals.

Bright Side isn’t going to read a school biology book to you. We just want you to know some facts that are never mentioned in these books.

  • When you’re trying to swat a fly, to the fly your moves look like a slow motion video. The thing is, its tiny size is compensated by a quick metabolism and a high perception of speed. So a fly avoids your hits just like Neo from The Matrix.
  • A bat’s life is tough. Yes, they orient themselves well with the help of ultrasonic noise, but they have to hear well, and to hear well, they need big ears. But big ears make it difficult to fly because they waste more energy. It’s a vicious circle.
  • Lemurs can tell a 1% alcohol solution from a 5% alcohol solution and prefer the solution that contains more alcohol. And they don’t even get drunk. The thing is, they possess a “fast” version of alcohol dehydrogenase, an enzyme that helps process and neutralize alcohol. A human’s body also has this enzyme, but it works slower.
  • Male anglerfish lose their identity during mating season. When a male meets a female, he bites her, gets fused to her, loses his shape, and all of his organs except his gills and testes die. At that point, a male is just there to inseminate the eggs.

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