21 Original Inventions That Can Help You Live a Better Life

The human mind is so magnificent and unpredictable that hundreds of new inventions are born every year that we might not even be aware of. There are many great ideas out there but some of them truly make you shout with eagerness, “Take my money, just give me some of that!”

At Bright Sidewe promote the uniqueness and brightness of such designs. That’s why we’ve selected some of the most unusual creations that will not only amaze you but will also restore your faith in humanity. Scroll down till the end; the bonus feature will reveal a machine that can change your daily life once and for all.

1. A sleep tracking system from a different dimension

Polarmond created this product just for nature lovers. It’s comfortable, fits in your tent, is lightweight, compact, and best of all, keeps your body at a balanced temperature.

2. A master-robot-chef in your kitchen

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