20+ Times People Truly Cared About Our Planet, and We Can Start Doing the Same

Perhaps you’ve thought at least once of how much plastic we use every day. It’s everywhere — not only on the streets but in our homes as well. Plastic bags, to-go coffee cups, packages for food delivery and even everyday drinking straws are all only a small portion of all the things we use for our comfort. The sad news is that they’re all destroying our planet. But the good news is that we can correct our lives a bit and make this world a bit cleaner.

Bright Side invites you to follow the example of people who have already changed their own habits for the sake of the clean future of our common home: the planet Earth.

“I ordered food today and it came in this piece of bamboo instead of a plastic container.”

The golf balls at the mini-golf course on this pier are biodegradable and fall into the sea at the 18th hole. They’re also food for fish.

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