20 Luxurious Hotel Services People Are Rushing to Try, and Even the Insanely High Prices Can’t Stop Them

What do we usually have in a hotel room? A bed, a wardrobe, a mirror, and a TV. Sometimes they also offer breakfast. But what if you stayed in a hotel that had a swimming pool with a private beach view, your own personal doorman, and a grand piano in the living room? Of course, the prices are extremely high in these hotels, but the most surprising thing is that these luxury accommodations are always busy, and it’s even really difficult to book them.

Bright Side decided to do an experiment: we pretended that we were about to go on vacation and stay in a marvelous hotel in April. We turned to Booking.com and chose some 4- and 5-star hotels.

Ancient castle decor and a wine cellar. Spain, Castillo de Arteaga ($180/night)

Walls and furniture are made from salt. Bolivia, Hotel Palacio de Sal (from $205/night)

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