19 Intriguing Things in China That Will Blow Your Mind

Chinese civilization. Thousands of wonderful inventions have been made here that changed the whole world. And even today there’s much to be surprised about there.

Bright Side collected photographs showing that even everyday life in China is very unlike ours. And there’s a bonus at the end of the article: artificial eggs with a curious history.

18. Children wear pants with holes in them to relieve themselves where they want.

Kids up to 2-3 years of age wear pants with a hole at the bottom so they can freely relieve themselves wherever they are. You can often see little children here who do the deed right in the streets with their parents watching over them.

17. Wearing pajamas outside is perfectly fine.

A new trend of street fashion: many Chinese, no matter their age, wear pajamas to the store, for a walk, or to a cafe with friends.

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