16 Unexpected Geography Facts They Didn’t Teach Us in School

Did you know that you can find yourself in 4 different places at once or play football on different hemispheres of the Earth? Did you know that there’s a point on our planet where people would have a really hard time finding you? Read this article to find the answers to these and many other questions.

Bright Side has found some geography facts that will impress even the most avid readers.

16. Everest isn’t the highest peak in the world.

In fact, the Chimborazo volcano is a bit taller than Everest if we measure the height of the mountain from the center of Earth (Chimborazo is 3,967 mi against Everest’s 3,964 mi). If we measure the height above sea level, Everest is 29,029 ft high. So, if we compare Everest’s height from the center of Earth with other peaks, it wouldn’t even be in the list of the 20 highest points in the world.

15. Football teams can play against each other in different hemispheres.

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