16 Former Classmates Who Changed Their Lives, and Their Stories Could Make Good Movie Scripts

When we were in school, some of us were promised with the big future, while others seemed completely hopeless. But our lives happen to be more daring than any forecasts. So, when going to a school reunion party we can’t even imagine sometimes how things have worked out for our ex classmates.

At Bright Side, we have read dozens of stories on Reddit about which path people chose after school, some of these stories are so dramatic they could be good enough for a movie script.

  • One of my smartest classmates never paid attention in class and never did his homework. At school, he was either sleeping, or playing hooky. Recently, he sold his start-up project for an 8-digit amount and is now enjoying doing nothing again. @ellean4
  • The girl I used to study with in high school was a terrible person. She was selfish and egocentric, I couldn’t stand her. She had an empty and unpleasant personality. 20 years later, she sacrificed her life to save 3 children that she didn’t know who were drowning in the sea at the local beach. @StandUpForYourWights
  • The quiet nerd from the last row is now the Managing Director of Playboy in Thailand. @chel8
  • My classmate did really bad in school and played hooky all the time. She said all she wanted to do in life was to get married and watch TV all day long. Eventually, she presented her work at Paris Fashion Week and created a few outfits for celebrities. When I was looking through Vogue Australia at lunch, I found a 4-page article about her. I was totally stunned. @848Des14
  • We were never friends but I was in the same class with a girl who chose to become an actress. She became one of Power Rangers. @DVancomycin
  • My friend, a talented artist, was really interested in computer game design. In high school, he worked with independent designers and I was sure that he would join some game development studio after graduation. He sells furniture now. @Deadmeat553
  • 2 guys who sold illegal substances in high school had to share a room a couple of months before graduation. 2 months after graduation, they both joined the Las Vegas police force. @pythonic_nonsense

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