15 unbelievably useful designer innovations you’ll definitely want for yourself

Sometimes, designers express their ideas in ways which seem to perfectly match our thoughts and wishes. Their ideas for new household gadgets and other items are so perfect and so functional that it can be said without exaggeration that they sometimes make people’s dreams come true around the world. At other times, their creativity leads them to invent something that we didn’t even dare to dream of, but turns out to make life a joy.

At Bright Side, we’re very fond of unusual and innovative things, so we thought we’d share with you some of the latest inventions we’ve found that made our day.

A window-balcony

The special design of these rooftop windows allows them to turn into a small balcony in just a few moments.

A chair for a large family

With the birth of his third child, Hal Taylor found it uncomfortable to read fairy tales to his children in an ordinary chair.