15 Places That Will Amaze Anyone Who Loves Road Trips

Travel is food for the soul and a road trip is the best kind of experience one can have. It allows you to enjoy the place at your own pace — pausing the moments and capturing them at your will. While there are infinite roads to travel down, some roads have that “something special” about them — be it the landscape, the curves, the turns, or just the diversity of the route.

Here’s a compilation by Bright Side of 15 amazing roads you should definitely take a trip through, which will surely give you the experience of a lifetime.

1. The Road to Red Beach, China

Located at Panjin in the Chinese province of Liaoning, this road drives you through a beach, that is actually not a beach. It is, in fact, the world’s largest marshy wetland — where the water is covered with moss. When autumn comes the moss in this area transforms into a soothing crimson color, standing in stark contrast to the yellow fields beside it. Dividing the 2 is a long stretch of road with green borders.

2. National Highway 22, India

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