15 People Who Inspired the Famous Characters We Love Today

While some famous characters were derived completely from their creators’ figment of the imagination, a lot of beloved characters were actually inspired by real people they knew. Lucy who suffers amnesia in 50 First Dates, for example, is based on Michelle Philpots who suffers the same fate and has a husband that reminds her every day that she is married.

Bright Side compared some well-known characters to the people they are based on and found that the lives and looks of these people are so exciting that it’s no wonder they were made into popular characters!

Miss Piggy, The Muppet Show

The creator of Miss Piggy, Bonnie Erickson, admitted that her muppet was inspired by the independent Peggy Lee who sang on the local radio station where her mother used to live in North Dakota. Like the famous jazz singer, the muppet who was initially named Miss Piggy Lee was destined for stardom.

James Bond

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