15 Frames in Which Disney Shows Us More Than We See

Each new cartoon released by Walt Disney Studios is guaranteed to contain a huge number of various allusions, cameos, and “nods” to other movies. But sometimes they are so well hidden that, even after multiple re-watches, you might still remain ignorant of their presence.

We at newsroom adore such secrets and how elegantly they’re incorporated into the story. And what about you? Have you ever paid attention to any of the following 15 Disney movie frames?

Moana, 2016

15 Frames in Which Disney Shows Us More Than We See

At the very beginning of the cartoon, we see Moana as a little kid taking care of a baby turtle by shading it from the sun with a leaf and helping it to get to the ocean. An identical scene can be found in a very different animated film: Lilo and Stitch.

15 Frames in Which Disney Shows Us More Than We See

In the scene where Maui has difficulties taking control of the magic hook and randomly turns into different animals, for a second he becomes Sven, the reindeer from Frozen.

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