15 Deceptive Photos That Fooled the Universe

Scientists say that people are really bad at spotting fake photos. And it is no wonder, since there is so much content flying around and confusing us. With each day it gets harder and harder to find the blurred line between fiction and reality. If you believe that you are a pro in this field and no one is able to fool you — let’s find it out and confirm or belie the scientists’ claim.

Bright Side is going to reveal 15 fake photos (as well as a bonus with a misleading caption) that made the whole world believe in their reality. And your task is to be honest and count how many times you were one of those naive people.

15. A pilot who took a mid-flight selfie.

This photo could undoubtedly be awarded the title of “the best selfie ever made.” And despite logic and knowledge people actually believed it.

15 Deceptive Photos That Fooled the Universe

We could mention some facts about plane speed or decompression, but who needs this if the pilot left a clear note on the picture himself.

14. When all you need is a piece of motivation.

Some people wondered if this story had a happy ending.

15 Deceptive Photos That Fooled the Universe

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