14 Self-Defense Tips That Might Save Your Life

We are used to seeing news of attacks on TV and the internet, but we are prone to think that it won’t ever happen to us. Unfortunately, no one is immune from attackers.

Bright Side is sure that it’s better to be prepared for all twists of fate. We have gathered 14 helpful tips that we hope you’ll never have to use in real life.

1. Clench your hands correctly.

The debate about which is more effective in a fight — a fist or a flat hand — is an old one. Most often, however, your hand automatically clenches into a fist before a blow. The important thing here is to do it without injuring your fingers. Don’t expose your thumb, but don’t hide it under your fingers either: this can lead to fracturing.

Don’t neglect using the flat of your hand in a fight: this type of blow will come as more of a surprise.

2. How to break free of cord:

The main thing you need to do is leave some room for air. If your hands are being tied, keep them clenched in fists. If your body is being tied, breathe in so that your diaphragm expands. The more room there is left between you and your ties, the more chances you have to escape.

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