14 Psychological Facts That Can Show You the Naked Truth About Life

Human psychology is something we still don’t know a lot about. Scientists have barely even scratched the surface of it. But at this point, we already know of ways to improve our self-esteem by simply watching a soccer match, to spark our creativity, or to increase our chances of building a successful relationship.

In this article, Bright Side will reveal the most incredible psychological facts that will teach you something about yourself.

1. An average school student of the 21st century has the same amount of anxiety as a patient in a mental institution in the beginning of the 1950s.

Every decade, anxiety in children and adults is growing. And there are several reasons for that:

  • We don’t sense social constraints as much as we used to — we change our jobs very often, we rarely take part in any religious and other social organizations, we get married later, and we spend much more time alone;
  • We want a lot of things like wealth and a perfect relationship, but we have unrealistic ideas of what we should look like and how our partner should behave;
  • We receive too much bad news, especially about accidents and wars from the news, which makes us feel like the world is a dangerous place.

2. It only takes 3 hours to convince a person they’ve committed a murder.

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